Since the first time I used a computer as a first-grader, and then the internet as a kid in middle school, I’ve been in love. The dot-com crash happened, y2k “happened,” web 2.0 came and went. The walled gardens showed up. And yet, getting to work in this industry, doing what I do, still seems too good to be true. The internet offers so much hope and opportunity. For me, it’s been the manifestation of the American Dream.

Yet, for the last few years, I’ve felt something I couldn’t quite name, both in mind and heart. But I figured it out, after reading this post on Om Malik’s blog:

The entire human history is built on screwing over the poor.


It was my heart breaking. Not burnout, not anger, or a feeling of marginalization. I’ve handled all of those. This was the slow and steady realization that the very thing that embodied the new and better life that my immigrant family sacrificed everything for, was now more likely to screw them over than to help them. Or just take them away altogether. No tech salary can help me save them, or keep them safe.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.