Were podcasts the new blogs?

Intentional Internet 2019 was primarily a mindset for me to find authenticity on the web again. Blogging is very different today that it was in 2009, or 1999, and that’s fine. I’m happy when people are able to find economic freedom and versatility because of the internet.

Early on in my maternity leave I wondered if the “replacement,” so to speak, for that lost blogging community feeling, was over in the podcast realm. In short, I was pretty lonely. Lonelier than when I had my firstborn because I wasn’t so swamped with change that I didn’t have time to notice it. Everyone is, but in many ways I felt more lonely because I don’t know many people in my demographic, location, or industry, who are going through the same thing.

Then I ran into the Super Mamás podcast, by way of reading the LA Mexicano cookbook, where I found out about the family behind La Guelaguetza. which made things better, if only because it validated the situation for me. That podcast sort of took on the role of a real Mexican-American friend and I listened to it every day. Typically when I find a new podcast, I listen to the latest one, and then try to start from the beginning.

Eventually, I started getting the sense that the 4-ish year old podcast became extremely well-known, mostly organically, which wasn’t what the hosts had in mind. So they hopped onto it and monetized the shit out of it. They’ve got a nice lean little marketing team behind it. So, just like blogs. Good for them, but I haven’t listened to the podcast in a long time. It lost its spark and now I mostly feel like I’m being advertised to.

The team behind that restaurant’s website has some smart domain strategy. Probably gonna be hard for someone to remember and correctly type a Zapotec word into their browser. But super easy to remember what that restaurant is legendary for: mole.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.