Jugando a la Comidita


Xochico is a brand based out of my hometown of Santa Ana, California. Originally known for their pan dulce cushions, they’ve expanded their offerings into the types of physical products that Mexican-American Millennials like me drop their cold hard cash for in a hot second.

When my oldest hit toddlerhood and started modeling the behavior of the people around her, I set up a play kitchen next to mine for her to use when she could not join me in my cooking (for us, cooking is a life skill, not a gender role). I gave her my plastic molcajete salsa bowl and got her a miniature cast-iron skillet. When it came to purchase play food for her, however, I hit a wall. None of the food out there looked like what we ate at home. I have since been crafting food items for her, something that the extended family has happily joined in on.

Boring upholstery samples make great tortillas. Here’s Elmo hitting the tacos at the end of a long night.

When Xochico came out with pan dulce keychains, I immediately thought about getting a bunch of them, cutting off the chains, and using them as play food–if I ever had children.

Now that I do, it seems as though they were reading parents’ minds all along. They made the box.

Did I pay $30 for a few play food items? Hell yeah, you bet I did.

Of course, then I became dissatisfied with the coffee play toys…

For the rest of the this 100-day project, I want to share more work by Mexican-American 90’s kids, particularly those from my hometown. This was something I was inspired to do after having an unexpected real talk with a colleague of mine thousands of miles away from our homes. Hoping to eventually write about that.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.