It’s been an intense week. The toddler has had a fever since Saturday, and the pneumonia Dx came in this evening. I was running a fever but seem to be on the mend. The President is in trouble. My passionvines have started to bloom:

I grow passiflora in my garden because it thrives in zone 8b, a notoriously tricky location. They are vibrant, alien-looking little things–indigo! Not divas at all. Caterpillars love it though. Luckily, birds love the caterpillars. When I put these in the ground in March, I got a few blooms until summer kicked in and the plant focused on leaves. When we got a “cold” blast (low 90s) recently, I wondered if the plant would decide it was fall and put out buds. Sure enough, this little one said hello over the weekend and many more are on the way.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.