Throwback Thursday: The Real Miscelanea

This blog is named after my family’s old neighborhood store in Mexico, and I thought it would make a cool throwback Thursday post to share a little something about the place.

It is customary for Mexican mom and pop businesses to give out little gifts to their customers at the end of the year. Typically they are calendars, or these little grocery bags:

This is the last known surviving bag given out by Miscelanea Miry. It’s roughly 15 years old. The reigning browser was still IE6, people had AOL screenames, and Windows XP was cool.

For a little plastic bag, it’s had quite a number of adventures. I took it on my honeymoon to Italy, and since then, I’ve snuck it into my luggage every time I travel to a new city or country. Its stiffer material makes it great for all the things listed described on it that we sold: groceries, meats, dairy, eggs, and bread. It’s also great for produce (which we did not sell, no one messes with mercados), fresh flowers, your lunch, or even curious cats.

Live long and prosper, little bag!

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.