Going Home

This year I went back to my hometown in California for Christmas. How fitting it was that as this year of intentional internet came to a close, I was going back to the place where the web started for me more than fifteen years ago. A portion of this 24-hr drive runs along the US-Mexico… Continue reading Going Home

Colorful Blocks

Usually when I come out from my office at the end of my workday, I’m greeted by an enthusiastic toddler at the bottom of the stairs: “I want to build! I want to build with colorful blocks! Mama, can you build with me?” I bought a set of wooden blocks for my toddler for her… Continue reading Colorful Blocks


Centenarios mark something historic and feature the work of a significant artist or designer. They are made out of solid gold, but their value is limited to a few bucks. To use the coin as money would be missing the point. Related posts: Podcasts I Listen To or: How I Keep the House so Clean… Continue reading Centenario