Eating Donuts on Nochebuena

Growing up, we had an unofficial tradition in my family of eating donuts on Christmas Eve. It was mostly my fault, because I have a serious thing for donuts. How serious, you ask?

Well, I earned the nickname “Donut Queen” at my last two jobs, for one. I could easily clean out the box on my own. To me, that’s not all that impressive. That’s because one time, I really turned it up to eleven. I was twelve, and it was Christmas Eve.

I decided to tell this story as the topic of a flash talk at the Automattic Grand Meetup in 2018. As my first GM, and a shiny new Automattician, I had to give one to a ballroom full of new colleagues.

Reactions to my talk included, “that was darker than I could ever go,” and “very on-brand, for Dezzie.”

This year, I decided to make the tradition official.

/ This post was inspired by Gustavo Arellano’s New Yorker piece, “The Comfort of Tamales at the End of 2017.”

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.