Wage Gap Whoa

Ok, so, ever since I joined the workforce ten years ago, my salary has tripled. I’ve been fortunate to receive regular compensation boosts along the way, for both performance and promotions, or inflation. I make a comfortable living.

Once, when I found out that as a contractor I was making 60% of what a federal employee made, I quit and found myself a job that seemed to fix that. It seemed like I was dodging the wage gap throughout my career (even though I should not have to). I felt lucky.

Very recently though, over a conversation discussing a female, woc, design executive who was being paid half what her male counterparts were making, I asked my friend, “Ok dude, real talk, how much do you make?”

And I found out I was making $45,000 less than him for the same job when we were colleagues. Same (if not better 😌) level of performance. At a place that proclaimed its diversity initiatives! Not quite the Latina wage gap, but geez, $45,000 is an annual salary for some people in the first world. I couldn’t get mad at him; it was the system.

The wage gap is real.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

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