Whole Skills

Soft skills, that amorphous group of sought-after intangibles. Things like intuition (probably because you’re a woman), or instinct (same, but if you’re a man). Sometimes I wonder if they’re really a separate thing.

The closer we come to achieving mastery of a skill, the more aspects of it become ingrained within our brain, our bodies–our souls. We say it’s muscle memory, we can do it in our sleep, that we make it look easy.

If we are self-aware, we can notice that this process is how we learn to react a situation that calls for one or more skills. It is a chorus made up of past experience, memory, and emotions. All the things, very very fast. Delightfully performant.

Instinct and intuition, the foundation of all the soft skills, are not mysterious qualities in a person. When reframed, they are the product of hard skills that have been mindfully developed. You’re still thinking through things, problem solving–using logic. It’s just so fast and natural that the body decides that providing its output via the gut and heart is the most efficient.

Someone who has soft skills is someone who can parse their hard skills so elegantly that they can apply them and communicate them to a wide range of situations and people.

You should listen to your intuition, and listen to your instincts. It’s probably your brain just performing very well.

If you see someone with good soft skills, don’t wonder if they have hard skills. Assume they have them because they know how to apply their hard skills well.

What about the person who has great soft skills but has no hard skills at all? That’s probably a person who is full of sh*t. It’s easy to spot those. Everything else is coachable.

Who knows, I also could have no idea what I’m talking about. This post might just be a bunch of tech new-agey psychobabble I came up with during my massage.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.