At Arms Length: The Observatory, Episode 122

“During times of crisis, people want to make things. There’s a surge in the keeping of journals when there’s a war… it’s a response to the feeling of vulnerability, like corporeal vulnerability. My life is under attack. I am imprisoned in my house. I have to make something to say I was here, to say I mattered, to say this day happened… It’s like visual graphic reassurance.”

Jessica Helfand,

As usual, some of the best design discussion out there. Normally I listen to this podcast when I need an intellectual fix, and on the spectrum of pedantic, The Observatory can be like tasting 85% dark chocolate for the first time when one’s candy bar of choice is Snickers. I’ve always wondered how intentionally they named their podcast.

Anyway, this one was different. There was a palpable restlessness in the air. That quote says it all.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

I like to eat, think, and take things apart.