The Web They Lost

There is no shortage of people out there trying to tell me what my story is as an underrepresented this and that in tech. Yes, their grievances probably reflect my reality. I know how much less I make than my white friends. It took eight years into my career to work with a Latina woman… Continue reading The Web They Lost

Throwback Thursday: Speak Up Archive

With the main theme of this 100-day project being to rediscover blogging and the spirit of the “old internet,” I thought it would be interesting to start doing a weekly throwback Thursday. Ten years ago, Speak Up, a prominent graphic design blog, decided to stop publishing. Bryony Gomez Palacio and Armin Vit chose to leave… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Speak Up Archive

Letting Go of the Old Web

Last year I wrote a thing on Automattic’s design blog about something I keep noodling on, which ultimately boils down to what makes us creative. What gets us to build a website? What the hell is a website today? I don’t mean “Us” the web community, or tech industry. I mean “Us” as Humankind. It… Continue reading Letting Go of the Old Web