Clickbait in my inbox this morning:

Product Hunt Daily Digest > Facebook Revives Geocities


“It all started when a few of us found ourselves missing the raw and exploratory spirit of The Early Internet and began to wonder things like: Is this misplaced nostalgia? What was _actually_ so special about that time?”

What was actually so special about that time was not having a monumentally pervasive business invading our privacy, safety, government, and you know–undermining the whole internet.

Nice try, Facebook. The innocent optimism act doesn’t work anymore.


Every year when I wish my dad a happy birthday I ask him how old he is and every year he tells me 25. When I turned 25 he turned 25 too, and when I turned 26 it began a tradition to look forward to every year.

So over the weekend I called him up wondering what reason he was going to give this year. After the usual banter and the visual tour of wherever he is because it took a pandemic to get him to learn how to video chat, I asked how old he turned this year.

“Sesenta, mija!”

He finally gave up the act after thirty years.

This year has really done a number on all of us. Or more like three—my dad’s only turned 57.