Mozilla announces layoffs

I really mean it when I say my heart broke today: But you know what, I get it, and I’m not mad. Or worried, even. I would gladly pay for their products and services because I want companies like them to stick around for the rest of my life. And I know it takes money… Continue reading Mozilla announces layoffs

A quality critical take on distributed work

I’m a proponent of distributed work, but I totally get why folks are skeptical about this way of working. Luckily, most of the time the concerns are elementary, and really get at something deeper that’s also present in physical offices. Like the belief that designers can’t design if they’re not together physically with a pack… Continue reading A quality critical take on distributed work

How about that empathy

As much as I could, want to–and need to–there isn’t too much time for me to post right now. But I wanted to drop down a thought here. A snarky, spicy one. On empathy. Yesterday, I was listening to Design Observer and Group Therapy, and hosts were discussing the unexpected universality of this truly shared… Continue reading How about that empathy