I work at Automattic now.

The long and short of it is, I work at Automattic now.

And I hope it means I start keeping a blog again, after being dormant for 10 years. I’ll be filling in on how I ended up here and why over the next few posts.

The Design Trial, for instance. The application process that felt like I was at once going through a text-based game, unlocking gates, solving puzzles, ultimately finding and engaging the Boss. Or, as if I was being jumped into an internet secret society. The offer and acceptance, and setting up my office–wondering if this was actually a real company–or if I was one step closer to my subconscious desire to become one with the Internet.

All Automatticians start off their work with a stint as a Happiness Engineer, which, to build on my previous analogy, is akin to the cow level in Diablo II. It was an effective way to build habits for working remotely and asynchronously, as well as for coming in nice and humble–something that I think is essential for any designer going into a company that is (or is becoming) design-led.

By Desiree Zamora Garcia

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