T-shirt and lipstick by Suavecita

Desirée García is a designer, editor, speaker, and tenacious gardener living in Austin, Texas. She designs for Automattic by day and edits for A List Apart at night. Her superpower is assembling IKEA furniture.

Dezzie is passionate about designing things that enable people to get on with their work and their lives. The design problems that no one wants to solve but have to get done. Life is too short for technology to be unusable or addictive.

Her work has spanned a quirky range of design problems, from financial transparency in the federal government, to some of the first platforms for enabling people to create with AI. She’s spoken at conferences like Front Conf, O’Reilly Design, and podcasts like The Hustle.

When she is working, Dezzie listens to house music. When she is not, you will find her listening to her daughters, her stomach, the dirt, or the mat.

Miscelanea is the continuation of an active blogging hobby I started in 2002, which unfortunately went dormant for a decade.

A “Miscelanea” is a type of little neighborhood general store commonly found in Mexico that sells sundries, like soda, [individual] eggs, school supplies, firecrackers. They are usually in the same building as where the owners live.

My dad opened one for my grandmother to live off of in the 90s, and when I’d visit in the summers, I ran the counter. In the back of his mind, he thought we would eventually move back. But a couple of years ago, when my grandma died, we closed it down. It had been operating at a loss since big-box stores opened in town, and life had moved on in the United States long before.

The most common sign found on the storefronts, “Abarrotes en general,” translates roughly to “groceries and such.” I don’t expect to live off this blog, but I think it’ll feed me. Stop by for a snack and chat.